Request Forms

Application Forms

Specimen Loan Application

The VM research collection provides loans of skins, skeletons, and fluid-preserved specimens from its collections for scientific research. Please complete the attached PDF and send the form to for evaluation.


Destructive Sampling Application

The VM research collection is available for use in destructive manners for approved research projects. Please complete the attached PDF and send the form to for evaluation.

PDF icon hsu_vm_dsa.pdf

Tissue Sampling Application

The VM collection includes a number of fresh tissues which can be loaned for approved research projects. Tissues are commonly collected at the time of specimen preparation and placed into a -20 C or -80 C freezer for long term storage. Various types of tissue are commonly collected. Please send completed PDF to to request a frozen tissue sample.

PDF icon hsu_vm_tissuesa_updated.pdf

Volunteer Application

Limited volunteer opportunities exist in the VM collection, and are dependent on availability and interest of the applicant. Interested students should submit a volunteer form and email the Curator Dr. Silvia Pavan, at or

PDF icon hsu_vm_volunteerform_2023.pdf

Collection Requests

Vertebrate Museum Classroom and Collections Use Request

In order to request use of the mammalogy classroom and/or museum specimens please complete the linked google form. The VM requires minimally 48 hour notice in order to ensure specimen and staff availability.

Museum Tour Request 

If you are interested in getting a tour of the Vertebrate Museum please complete the linked google form. Please provide at least a week notice in order to receive proper accomodations.